Bit-Breaker: Generation of electricity through speed bumps

Bit-Breaker, is a speed breaker that helps in generating energy, also the design is ambulant which makes the breaker mobile so as to avoid the traffic congestion.

Music patterns

With digitization music has evolved into different mediums over the years, which requires a gradual research. Also, the behavioral dynamics of digital music and also how digital platform is developing a base for the creation of music. While knowing how economics associated with the new age music profiles is in contrast with the old age music profiles along with various online patterns of purchasing music.

LogE: Multi interface login band

With multi login-interfaces, the ingression is becoming complex. LogE is a multi interface login band that will provide a direct access to different instruments that require complex binary patterns or RFID login.

*Still working on project

Portrayal of body image through media

Living in a day and age where media influences most of the perceptions in our head, one's perception of body image is largely driven by what they see on the television, or the glitzy magazine papers. This project analyzes how media is influencing the idea of how one should look a particular way, to be socially acceptable by their kins. It also presents suggestions at the end, as to how and why all natural body shapes and appearances should be accepted by society at large, to mark the uniqueness of an individual.

Immersion Journalism: How we are changing the consumption of news

With virtual technologies coming up, the way we view a video has significantly changed. Immersionism has created a new form of journalism, with visuals and audio editing that is changing the traditional and intrinsic methods of reporting. This project is directed to analyze the new mediums that are rising in digital journalism and how it is helping in intensifying the message. With changes taking place in video editing, it’s really crucial to understand the new patterns of news flow and also how the viewers are significantly shifting towards this new form of media.

*Still working on the project

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