Kanishk Karan is a researcher, writer, and technologist who works on projects that pertain to daily interactive environment. He likes researching about human and technological social interface. His research includes – The transition of Music from Acoustics to Digital Era, Portrayal of Body Image through Media and Its Implications & Generation of Electricity with the Use of Speed Breakers.

He is focused towards developing a more communicable environment for upcoming technology with societal development in conjugation.

Most of the time he is reading and writing about technology; you can check out tech-based reviews at in.techradar.com

He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering. He also earned PGD in English Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. He has completed two certificates – Digital Storytelling, University of Birmingham and Teaching Literacy through Film, British Film Institute.

Kanishk is currently writing a book and has had his works published with The Hindu, Techradar, TechinAsia, Eyezine, The Sangai Express, Trak.in, Digit etc.

If you're looking for my data projects click here.

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